MLD Architects is a full service architectural firm with several award winning projects. Our services include design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration services for both new and renovation construction projects.

In addition to full service building and renovation design, MLD Architects has extensive experience in roof design and consultation. Randy Lewis is a recognized roofing systems expert, and has written articles for Florida AIA magazine and Florida Roofers magazine. MLD Architects has earned an excellent reputation for diagnosing roof problems, and offering corrective solutions. Due to his expertise, Mr. Lewis has provided expert testimony on numerous cases.

Company Information

Firm Profile/Design Approach


MLD Architects (formerly Manausa Lewis & Dodson Architects) is an innovative, service oriented firm, with almost thirty years of experience. The firm was established by C. Trent Manausa, AIA, in 1979, and was known as C. Trent Manausa, Architect Inc. In 1984, Randy Lewis, AIA, joined the firm following the completion of a master’s degree in Architecture, and became a full partner in 1987. The firm changed its name to Manausa Lewis and Dodson Architects Inc. in 1998. Iain Harnden joined the firm in 2000 and is the Senior Architectural Project Manager.

The firm currently employs a full time staff of two registered architects, one registered interior designer, four graduate architects, LEED AP designers, CAD operators, and support staff.

  • National, State and Local AIA
  • National and Local IIDA
  • Tallahassee USGBC
  • Roof Consultant Institute
  • The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  • National, State and local Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Trained Waterproofing and Roofing Inspection services

MLD Architects has extensive experience with numerous project types including:
  • Health and fitness center
  • Corporate offices
  • An award winning swimming pool facility
  • An award winning national guard armory
  • Telecommunications conference centers
  • Churches
  • School facilities, private and public
  • Post office facilities
  • Historical Restoration and rehabilitation facilities
  • Medical unit for Department of Health
  • Emergency utility operation centers
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance and training facility
  • ADA/FAC renovation projects
  • Roof designs and problem solutions
  • Interior and exterior renovation projects

Clients have included:


MLD Architects is organized in a horizontal team format with a “Team Leader.” The “Team Leader” is the point of contact with the Owner, and responsible for the entire project from start to finish. Each player on the team is responsible for their area of expertise and review of the entire project. The benefit of the horizontal team format is the level of checking and rechecking prior to the submittal of the project for permitting. Following is a list of key personnel and responsibilities.

Randy G. Lewis AIA, President
- Project Architect, Project Manager, Roof Consultant:

  • General management of all phases of project
  • Roofing and exterior waterproofing
  • Review and approved final construction documents
  • Construction administration

Iain Harnden IIDA, Vice President
- Senior Project Manager,  Production/Interiors

  • Licensed interior designer
  • Interiors
  • Production
  • Review of construction documents.

Roosevelt Bivens, Project Manager
- Construction Administrator

  • Management of construction document production team
  • Red line and review of construction documents
  • Construction administration
  • Roofing Inspection


We believe each building is inherently unique to its site, and internal programming of its functions. We begin the design process on each project by evaluating these unique features, and determining if there are any controlling issues.

Schematic Design:

Schematic design includes all site analysis and the general programming, and design of the building. As stated previously, the first issue considered is the siting of the building in relationship to the natural features, sun orientation, and surrounding context. A good example of our site design approach is evident in the site design for the Mainline Information Systems Headquarters. The site was very compact with existing century oaks. Parking was designed to save all of the existing trees on the site.

As we proceed into the actual design of the building we incorporate hand sketches and basic 3D modeling in Autocad to get a better understanding of the building’s massing and interior relationships.

Design Development:

In the design development phase, we begin to expand upon the “concepts” constructed during the schematic phase. More attention is directed to the building systems and the overall refinement of the building.

During this phase we also begin to study the building’s interiors. The adjacent interior computer rendering is an example of one of our studies.

We endeavor to incorporate the latest technology and materials to create more cost effective design solutions. An example of this is the structural brick and twelve inch block used to create the layering effect on Mainline and the Premier Health & Fitness Center.


Each project is divided into four phases: schematic design, design development, construction document production, and final review. A production schedule is developed delineating each phase of the project. At the end of each phase, the team members conduct a general review of the project, and the Project Manager develops a cost estimate. The Team Leader reevaluates the production schedule and revises it appropriately. Submittals are provided to the Owner at the completion of each phase with a cost estimate for review. Cost estimates consist of a square foot cost estimate at the schematic design review, a building component cost estimate at the design development phase, and a final cost estimate at the end of the construction document phase, reflecting any changes to the project. In addition to the multiple reviews conducted by each team member during the production process, the Team leader conducts a “Redi-Check” review at the completion of the construction document phase to ensure all disciplines are coordinated.  This is followed by a final review from the firm's Principal.


MLD Architects’ success has been enhanced by the exemplary service provided to our clients through the use of our unique design and project management skills. In order to provide these cost effective and timely services, we strive to incorporate the latest production and management technology.

We maintain a web site,, where clients can track the progress of their projects via the world wide web. We utilize advanced computer rendering, modeling, and graphic animation to promote a better understanding for the Owner, and eliminate costly design changes during construction.

We are experienced in the construction management delivery process, and have also partnered with various construction firms to provide a solution oriented design build team that works closely with the Owner to efficiently proceed through the planning, design, and construction phases.

Finally, our design capabilities, familiarity with local permitting requirements, and our cost conscious approach, help guide our projects around many of the obstacles that tend to hinder the cost control and completion of projects.