MLD Architects is a full service architectural firm with several award winning projects. Our services include design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration services for both new and renovation construction projects.

In addition to full service building and renovation design, MLD Architects has extensive experience in roof design and consultation. Randy Lewis is a recognized roofing systems expert, and has written articles for Florida AIA magazine and Florida Roofers magazine. MLD Architects has earned an excellent reputation for diagnosing roof problems, and offering corrective solutions. Due to his expertise, Mr. Lewis has provided expert testimony on numerous cases.

Mission Statement

MLD Architects is an architectural practice committed to providing support to both clients and end users in a way that helps make the process of creating the built environment more understandable and approachable.

Our work is based upon a set of beliefs that include an emphasis on process as being an important partner in the final execution of the work. This necessitates qualities of communication, patience, sensitivity and respect for other points of view as being important for the successful outcome of the project. Often, we take on the role of architect as mediator between the many interests that seek to influence the direction of a project. We try to establish the common ground through a thorough understanding of the issues, and, through honesty and experience, we seek to suggest a compromise that balances the constraints of zoning, building science, budget, time, nature and character of the environment, local context and history, government and political processes and the desires of the people whose interests are represented and affected by the execution of the work.

It is our intention to help foster community development within and around our projects. We seek to assist users of our projects in seeking empowerment. We attempt to erode the larger scale of projects into smaller, more familiar groupings based on an understanding of how people operate and what is needed to feel at home.

MLD Architects strive to make beautiful, durable, and thoughtful buildings that harmonize with their micro-environments. Our buildings should exceed the needs put forth by our clients, as well as coordinate to use the skills of all who collaborate to realize the full potential of every project. It is our intent as architects to create spaces that are a joy to live in and a tribute to what design and building can achieve together.

Our mission is to provide professional architectural services at the highest level with integrity and effectiveness in order to Excel in architecture, Serve the client, Be on time and on budget, Facilitate growth and recognition of our staff, and Maintain ethical and professional values and attitudes.

To achieve an architecture of extraordinary quality, an architecture that reflects in its totality the dedication, energy, talent, and initiative of a truly extraordinary organization. To consistently achieve excellent results through the inspired application of resources. To form a network with our clients bound together by shared values that are based on tradition of integrity and professional dedication, Thus creating environments, spaces and places that are used, enjoyed and inspire the people who will use them.

To provide our clients with the best service available, and with significant and enduring contribution for the growth and fulfillment of their objectives. and to continuously build on a life enriching outlook for the future.

To create the right architecture that is recognizable and gives value to the environment through good design, careful use of space and materials, implementing a synergistic team philosophy and by adopting a hands on approach resulting in projects delivered on time, on budget, and to exceed the expectations of our clients through the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and effort.

To provide responsive service of the highest quality by offering creative problem solving with technical and aesthetic excellence, surpassing the clients expectations.

Design is approached through exploration of versatile design options which combine the owner's vision with ours, to ensure fulfillment of all objectives. Clear communication and understanding are paramount to our success.

We strive to provide professional guidance, experience and wisdom to offer value throughout all phases of service.