MLD Architects is a full service architectural firm with several award winning projects. Our services include design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration services for both new and renovation construction projects.

In addition to full service building and renovation design, MLD Architects has extensive experience in roof design and consultation. Randy Lewis is a recognized roofing systems expert, and has written articles for Florida AIA magazine and Florida Roofers magazine. MLD Architects has earned an excellent reputation for diagnosing roof problems, and offering corrective solutions. Due to his expertise, Mr. Lewis has provided expert testimony on numerous cases.

Historic Restoration

MLD Architects has excelled in historical restoration and rehabilitation with projects like The Florida’ Governor’s Mansion, Florida’s Historic State Capital, The Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida, Ted Turner’s Avalon Plantation and The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, to name just a few.

MLD Architects has built a solid reputation for concisely evaluating, what is normally a building with extensive damage and deterioration, and restore it to its former glory or rehabilitate it to today’s modern codes for contemporary use.


Historic Capital Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Roof correction and replacement.
  • Restoration of cupola,
  • balustrade, and urns.
  • Exterior waterproofing.
  • Interior renovations.
The old Capitol, which had been restored ten years earlier, suffered from serious water damage during the ensuing years. The perimeter gutter system at the base of the dome was covered over, which caused the rain to corrode the existing ornamental metal work. MLD designed a new copper gutter system and balustrade to correct the problem, and replaced the badly corroded copper urns. The existing shingle roof was replaced, and the original mortise and tenon construction was shored up.  Following the exterior renovation, the interior areas damaged by leaks were restored

Prime Osborn Convention Center Jacksonville, Florida

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  • Exterior waterproofing and caulking of existing limestone joints.
  • Roof correction and replacement.
  • Painting and reglazing of existing steel windows.
  • Full time inspection.
Drastic measures were called for in the restoration of the Prime Osborn Convention Center. The old train station had been restored about ten years ago, but still leaked. The limestone panels were not properly grouted during the previous project, and were badly discolored from leaks.  Following an in depth study of the existing conditions, MLD recommended the existing roof be replaced, the limestone joints be ground out and caulked, and a clear water repellent be installed over the limestone veneer.  Water repellents are not typically installed on historic structures, but MLD was able to persuade the National Park Service to allow it on this project

Historic Post Office Daytona Beach, Florida

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  • Removal and restoration of existing clay tile roof.
  • Removal of existing rooftop HVAC units, roof corrections, and reroofing. 
  • Window replacement study. 
  • Historical Post Office - After Full time inspection.
The Daytona Beach historical post office was constructed during the great depression by the Corps of Engineers.  The building’s original barrel tile roof system and copper dormers were in need of replacement.  MLD found the original as-builts, and determined the original tile manufacturer to specify an exact match for the replacement. MLD provided full time inspection during construction and monitored the removal and asbestos abatement of all of the existing mechanical units on the connected expansion’s roof.

Governor Martin House Rehab Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Renovation of existing Governor Martin House into offices.
  • Repair of existing structural damage.
  • Governor Martin House - Historical Award
The Governor Martin House renovation project was the recipient of the 1999 Tallahassee/Leon County Preservation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Civic County Resource Preservation.  The project included the transformation of the existing house, which was in disrepair, into the new office and display space for the State Department’s Division of Cultural Affairs.

The Grove Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Study to renovate the residence into a house museum.
  • Structural study and repairs.
  • Painting renovations.
The Grove has been the private residence of the Call-Collins family for over 160 years, with the final residents being Governor and Mrs. LeRoy Collins.  In 1985 through an agreement with the State of Florida, the Grove was designated to become a house museum.  MLD has performed several projects on the site, including the original house museum renovation study and the structural study and repair of the building’s exterior.

Brokaw-McDouggall House Restoration Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Renovation of interior space, including selective asbestos abatement.
  • Installation of fire sprinkler system.
  • Reroofing.
The Brokaw-McDouggall house was home to the Tallahassee Board of Historic Preservation during these renovations.  After the building was obtained by the City and converted into public offices, a new sprinkler system and minor interior renovations were required to accommodate the change in occupancy.  The projects included the installation of a fire alarm and sprinkler system, replacement of the existing cedar shake shingles, interior renovations, and the selective abatement of asbestos containing plaster.

Avalon Plantation Reroofing Capps, Florida
  • Removal and replacement of existing copper roof.
  • Renovation to existing balustrade.
Avalon Plantation is Ted Turner’s Capps, Florida hunting lodge.  Prior to this project, the turn of the century plantation was in remarkable condition except for the existing copper roof system.  During this project, the roof was replaced with a new copper roof, and the rotten balustrade was repaired.  An interesting aspect of the roofing project was the roofing of the two half moon wings that connect to the main house.  The roof panels had to be custom cut and shaped to match the building’s radius.