MLD Architects is a full service architectural firm with several award winning projects. Our services include design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration services for both new and renovation construction projects.

In addition to full service building and renovation design, MLD Architects has extensive experience in roof design and consultation. Randy Lewis is a recognized roofing systems expert, and has written articles for Florida AIA magazine and Florida Roofers magazine. MLD Architects has earned an excellent reputation for diagnosing roof problems, and offering corrective solutions. Due to his expertise, Mr. Lewis has provided expert testimony on numerous cases.

New Construction

MLD Architects has enriched the Tallahassee area with several multimillion-dollar buildings and complexes. The Summit East office park was created to provide a new kind of workplace. A high technology, high amenity, commercial campus, supporting forward thinking companies and their employees in the 21st century. Mainline's global headquarters is the park's prototype building. The mainline corporate headquarters rests on the owner’s 115 acre parcel currently under development. We provided site analysis and studies for site selection, and then provided a preliminary design for the entire development. Manausa Lewis & Dodson Architects produced computer renderings and animations for building and office park marketing. After interviewing the six different divisions of Mainline to develop a needs assessment and building program, a program was developed around the owners request for a campus atmosphere to separate company departments. Preliminary budgeting and cost estimating was provided with cost estimate being extremely accurate.

Mainline is a Fortune 500 high technology company that needed a facility to meet today's technology needs and tomorrow's technology growth.  The company's president envisioned a technology campus surrounded by nature.  He wanted the building to take advantage and incorporate the natural features of the pristine site, while still promoting the image of a "High Tech Global Company." He wanted free public access to portions of the building while maintaining a high level of security in work areas.  Creating a feeling of home for employees and an interaction between staff and administration was paramount.

In our design, the building became the campus with program areas being connected through open "living" areas.  We developed two axes to differentiate between the public vs. private spaces and the "man-made" office vs. the "organic" living areas.  Each axes focuses the occupant's views and leads them toward select natural features of the site.  The building was constructed of split faced concrete block and glass to elicit a feeling of the building growing from the earth, as the site slopes to the adjacent pond.  The building is comprised of open office team environments with two story glass walls, providing breathtaking views.  The administration suite is strategically located at the opposite end of the building from the entry, promoting interaction.

Tallahassee Memorial Health Care desired a building that would redefine the local community’s expectations of a health club. The health club would become a wellness center, developing the occupant’s bodies, minds, and sense of well being. The design goal was to change societies view of a fitness center from a plain vanilla box with weights to an interactive environment that stimulates the senses, the mind, and the body. We achieved this by accentuating the openness and vitality contained within the 56,000 square foot building through the use of bright colors, locally commissioned art, and expansive views from one activity area to another.